my kids mom and me1This 50-year-old bride is me, an adult child with my once-teenaged-mom, and we are surrounded by my adult children.  This was the last day Amy, Jamie and I had with Kyle, except for a quick hug goodbye the next morning. My mom flew home with him and had an extra two weeks, but they were hard ones, and then he overdosed and died.

_RLS6214 This is my wife and my grandsons, Julian and Logan, who were our ring bearers during our beautiful, backyard wedding — and then, several weeks later , they returned as tender mourners while we sat shiva in the same house.


This is Kyle’s girlfriend Amber, and their daughter, Maggie, who was our flower girl.


A note on the name of my blog:  I am not a member of Adult Children of Alcoholics (though I could have been and have been a grateful member of NarAnon), but I am intentionally making a play on those words.

One of my inspirations for this blog was a blog recommended to me in the earliest days of my grief, written by a musician, John Bohlinger, who lost his son, August, to drugs and has been blogging intermittently about it for nearly a decade.  You can see his blog here: https://johnbohlinger.wordpress.com/


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